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Are You Losing Guests? Attract Millennials With Social Media!

Are You Losing Guests? Attract Millennials With Social Media!

Why You Should Care About Millennials?

According to the US Census, more than one quarter of the US Population falls into the “Millennial” category. These are current and future decision makers who decide whether or not your business is worthy of their money. Let’s take a look at how to connect with their perceived needs and wants.


The Social Media Connection

Social Media is not a game. It’s not even a luxury. It is a way of life for millions of people -- young and old. To ignore this fact may be negligent.


Millennials were raised on Cable TV, the Internet and Hand Held Devices. They don’t purchase Hallmark Cards so much as they take selfies, and send DMs (Direct Messages). Social Media is how they’ve grown to connect and relate with their peers and brands.



Offering WiFi to your guests is a huge plus factor. Make sure it coincides with your mission as a camp and/or conference center. You could go as far as offering campus wide WiFi or limiting it to certain common areas. One suggestion is to have a separate account for different guest groups, or one for leadership and one for guests. Most definitely have a separate and locked account for your staff, to avoid any hacking or lag in service.


Are You Connected?

How is your camp or conference center perceived on the web? Do you have a Facebook page, a website, Instagram or Twitter? You may be a purist and truly believe that you can provide excellent service without lowering your standards to social media. Surely you may be excellent in the service you provide – however let’s look at social media from a different angle.


It’s About Relationship

Let’s agree that service is not about what you get, but what you give. By making your service available on social media, you are meeting your guests where they are at and giving them something to connect with. That may simply be posting pictures of your facility along with general info such as your calendar and the services you provide. Take it one step further and provide quotes, education or photos related to your brand. One unique aspect of social media is the ability to provide links and re-post things from individuals and groups your business is affiliated with or relates to. This connects you with those groups as well as your followers by simply providing beneficial information that relates to your brand.


Once you start to view your different social media profiles as touch points for relationship, you will start to understand the depth, power and potential those channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). You will start to have more respect for your approach to each channel and for those that use it.



Narrow Your Focus

When posting to social media, it is important to keep everything within the context of your profile’s brand or purpose. It’s also important to understand the audience of the channel you are using. Facebook is targeted more at adults while Snapchat is focused on youth. Twitter is word driven, whereas Instagram is image driven.


Narrow the focus of your profile to fit that channel and your purpose. Maybe the focus is the brand of your business. Maybe it’s you as an individual, or your pet or the facility itself. Maybe you have one channel for youth and a separate channel for seniors. As you create one or multiple channels, ensure that they are front-and-center to the operations of your business and the interest of your guests. It’s best to have one main profile that people can trust – with smaller affiliate profiles that have the same relevance online as they do in the context of day-to-day operations.


Keep It Relevant & Professional

People follow you for a reason. If you stray from the core message of your brand, then you violate the implied trust of your audience and they will turn away, or simply unfollow/unlike.  Be very careful not to post personal things to your business account. Also be careful to avoid controversial posts or comments.


While we are on the subject, it is important to understand that anything you write on the Internet will exist forever and at some point may be available for everyone to see. Even if you write it on a private bulletin board – you have created something that can be copied and pasted or hacked and shared.  Make sure your online persona matches your real world persona at all times.


Enjoy The Process

One of the key factors in social media being so successful is that it’s an enjoyable experience for those involved. While it’s important to understand the medium and ensure the message is quality – all in all it’s an easy way to stay in touch with people who genuinely like your brand. 


Whether simply taking pics with your smartphone or investing in high end cameras and editing software – make sure to match the content with the purpose of your profile. All in all remember that it’s about connecting and building relationship. When you get your profiles up and running make sure to follow us at these links, and enjoy the process!

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